July 20, 2018 | Barb Huntley
Summer is a busy time for those of us with children. Kids have time off from school and either need to be entertained or brought somewhere where they can stay busy. Sports and vacations help take up extra time in the summer but with only a month left of a summer we want to help you stay sane by describing ways in which you can stay organized for the rest of the summer.

Keep a to-do list – You may have things you’ve been thinking about getting done this summer that you’ve put on your to-do list and that’s great. In fact, we think you should keep adding to it. Keeping a running tab is the best way to remember what you want to do when life gets hectic. You may not accomplish everything on your list during summer, but that list can spill over into the fall. You will free your mind writing down everything you want to get done, and not worry about remembering what it was you were planning on doing!

Create a calendar – The best way to stay organized is to have a calendar. We suggest creating a family calendar that has every family member name on it and is filled out with every activity they have. Whether its baseball games, soccer practice, work meetings, grandmas in town; the calendar should be in a place where everyone can see it and check what all family members have happening during that day.

Get enough rest – Rest is one of the most important things for your body and mind. Getting enough sleep everyday will help you have the energy to maintain your household all summer. A fresh mind will allow you to remember what needs to be done, what activities are scheduled for the day. It will keep your mind more stress-free while doing all of them. Just because its summer doesn’t mean bed time routines should go out the window. Bedtime routines are just as important in summer as they are in the school year. In fact, keeping a routine will make it easier on your family to adjust when school starts up again. Sleep is important; never underestimate the powers of a well-rested mind and body! 


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