June 4, 2018 | Barb Huntley

Not many people can say they enjoy packing, heavy lifting, sorting, and unpacking, and you can include us in that list of people. If you have money to spare, hiring a professional mover comes with many perks.

1.    Reliability – Friends, and family may be a cheaper option but hiring a professional moving company is a more reliable option. They are required under contract to show up and move the items you need. Family and friends have no such requirement. Professional movers also know the proper ways to move all your belongings. You won’t need to worry about your packing skills and having your belongings damaged in the process.

2.    Stress Relief – Moving on its own is stressful. When you add packing, lifting and transporting boxes to the mix it can become overwhelming. Hire a moving company for your peace of mind. Let them do the grunt work while you focus on the big picture and determine what you need in your new home and where you want to put it.

3.    Efficiency – Professional movers will know how to transport your belongings in the most efficient way. From packing to getting large pieces of furniture out the door, their experience will come in handy and save you the time of trying to figure out what you should move first and last.

4.    Safety – Lifting and moving heavy items can be dangerous. Movers know how to properly lift heavy items and get them out of your house without hurting anyone or thing in the process. No backs need to be thrown out in your move!!

5.    More free time – When your movers are doing the actual heavy lifting you will free up your time on moving day to organize your life in your new home. From going to the grocery store to cleaning up your new place to putting away clothes, you’ll have a lot more time when you aren’t in charge of the actual move.


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