June 12, 2018 | Barb Huntley
Energy efficient, advanced materials and building practices, new appliances… these are the well-known perks of buying a new construction home. But have you considered the lesser thought of perks?

Things look worse before they look better. If you purchase a new construction home while it’s still being built, this saying is important to keep in mind. Walking into a home that is in the building process can be overwhelming. But remember, it will look like a construction zone before it can look like your future dream home. Keep in mind the big picture at as you check up on the building process and overlook the hammering and dust!

You have a say. Once you buy the home that is being built you own it. That means you have a say (and the most important one) on what is being built. Make your expectations known because if you don’t you are missing out on the best part of new construction – being able to design what you want!

New construction is booming because resale is dwindling. As of last year, building permits were up 8%. Less resale homes are on the market while at the same time more vacant lots are available for new builds. Not only do you have more options when it comes to lots and new construction homes, you also have numerous builders and architects to choose from. The combination of these factors will make your home truly unique to you.

There’s always room to negotiate. Just like when buying a resale home, negotiation is always possible in the buying process. Just make sure to use a trusted Real Estate agent to work with the building sales team to best negotiate the prices. If the home has not yet been built yet or is in the process, it is especially important to express your wants when it comes to design and materials, both of these will affect the price. 


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