May 21, 2018 | Barb Huntley

Now that you’re unpacked and moved in, it’s time to help your kids adjust to their new home and neighborhood. They will eventually make new friends and enjoy their new space but these tips will help smooth the transition.

Let them have a say in their new room.  – Adjusting to a new home is hard for everyone involved. One way to get your kids more excited about this new home is to allow them to choose their room (watch out, don’t let them take your master!) and choose how they will arrange their furniture and the color it will be painted.

Find kids who live on your street. – Ask your next-door neighbors or any neighbors you are comfortable with about kids that live in the neighborhood. Introduce yourself to the parents and try to set up a casual time for both sets of kids to be outside playing to meet. You can also usually tell if there are kids in the neighborhood by looking at what toys are laying in each neighbor’s yard. Everyone enjoys having a neighbor friend, so don’t be shy about asking around!

Visit local parks or play areas. – You’ll often meet local kids at parks and play areas. You’ll also most likely meet other parents! Kids have a way of making friends when playing at a park. So, let them do just that! Find local parks that your kids would enjoy and spend time every week going to them. You may begin to see the same people after a while, which helps your kids get comfortable around the people they have met and builds their relationships.

Figure out what community sports they can join. – What better way to help kids meet new friends than joining a sports team. Research community sports teams that your kids would be interested in and sign them up!

Adjusting to a new neighborhood and making friends takes time. But they will adjust and plenty of friends will be made. Making an extra effort to meet new people and plan activities will ease the transition for your kids and you’ll probably meet plenty of parents yourself along the way! 


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