May 14, 2018 | Barb Huntley

There’s no shame in hoping that your dog can join you on social outings. Dog friendly restaurants, bars and stores are becoming more mainstream around America and some places in Alaska are joining in on that trend. We’ve made a list of dog-friendly places so when you plan your next weekend adventure you don’t have to feel bad leaving your dog at home. Many of places just allow dogs on the patio so be sure to go on a nice day!

49th  State Brewing – Award winning craft beers and dog-friendly makes 49th State Brewing a great choice for your next “Patio Season” outing.

AK Alchemist – A pet-friendly mix of Alaskan culture, urban city swank, and steam punch artistry intertwined into a coffee house and taco stand. Thirsty dog owners wanting to sip on a Sludge Cup alongside their pup can do so at one of AK Alchemists outdoor tables or along the bar outside.

Middle Way Café – The "unconventional" Middle Way Cafe is a pet-friendly eatery serving coffee and a large variety of menu items to hungry dog owners in Anchorage. Those wanting to enjoy a cup of coffee alongside dog can do so at one of Middle Way's six outdoor tables. However, furry friends will have to stay outside while their owner goes in to order.

Sacks Café - A pet-friendly downtown dining spot, Sacks Cafe has a long menu that changes daily and is a favorite among locals and tourists alike. Those wanting to dine with their pup lounging underfoot can sit at one of Sack's two outdoor tables to enjoy their meal.

Kaladi Brothers Coffee – All locations in Anchorage allow your pups to sit beside you as you sip on a coffee. You will have to leave your dog outside when you order!

Dark Horse Coffee Company - Dark Horse Coffee Company is a dog-friendly spot to grab a cup of Joe in a warm environment. Those wanting to sip on a latte alongside their furry friend can sit at one of four tables on Dark Horse's outdoor patio. The patio includes hitches for dog leashes.


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