May 1, 2018 | Barb Huntley

Moving day is a whirlwind of emotions. Excitement, stress, and most likely a little sweat! We’ve provided an essential list of items you’ll need on moving day that can get lost in the craziness of the day.  

Everything your furry friend needs – Your spouse and kids aren’t the only ones moving into a new home today, don’t forget your pet also will be sleeping in a new place! Make sure to pack a bed they are used to sleeping in, a few toys that can comfort them in new rooms, and enough food for a few days!

Disposable plates and cutlery – You might not get to unpack your cutlery and tableware on the first night. But you will likely be eating take-out food. Have disposable plates and cutlery ready to use for the first few days until you can get your kitchen unpacked.

Chargers – Because what will you do without your phone for a night?! Don’t forget to pack chargers that are easily accessible. You don’t want to spend your time digging through boxes looking for a charger!

Utility Knife - This is essential for opening all your boxes! And much safer than a normal knife or scissors, items people often resort to when they can’t find their utility knife.

Basic Cleaning Supplies – You’ll want to wipe down surfaces and do your own bit of cleaning before you move everything in. So, don’t forget to pack accessible rags, cleaning solution and even a vacuum so you can use them as soon as you get into your new place!

Important Documents – Passport, school transcripts, manuals, driver’s licenses, marriage certificate, birth certificates and your social security card. You may be thinking why would I need all of this the few days in your home? The answer: we don’t know but if you need one and can’t find it - it won’t be a good day!

Toiletries – Toothbrushes, toilet paper, makeup, everything you use in your daily routine should be packed in your overnight bag.

Medications – Probably the most essential item to pack in an overnight bag for your move – medications! Any daily medications or even emergency medication such as an EpiPen should be packed in an easily accessible spot so you don’t worry about where they are when you need them.

A Bag of Clean Clothes – Pack clothes you’ll want to wear for the first few days in a duffle bag. This way you won’t be scrambling through your boxes looking for a wrinkly outfit to wear to work!


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