April 6, 2018 | Barb Huntley

You have your new house key, you’ve packed up your old home and are ready to be in your new home. But you have one more item left on your to-do list before you can truly enjoy living in your new home – unpacking. Unpacking should be easier than packing because you have gotten rid of all unnecessary items and, if you were an organized packer and labeled your boxes, unpacking should be more of a physical, not mental, workout.

Before you unpack any boxes, take the time to walk through your new home one last time while its empty to examine the layout of each room. When you begin to unpack you’ll want to start with the big pieces of furniture so it’s important to know beforehand where they will fit.

Start with your big pieces of furniture including couches, sofas, tables, beds, and cabinets. If you have people helping you move, they may not be staying all day so take advantage of the extra hands for the bigger items. You’ll thank yourself your first night in your new home when you have your bed set up and ready to sleep in!

Once the big items are in your home, move on to the appliances. Whether they are new or from your old home, make sure you look over the manuals before installing each one. Get your refrigerator, washer, dryer, and dishwasher all set up, so you can use those right away. You’ll want to be able to keep food in the refrigerator and wash anything that gets dirty during the move before putting the items away.


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