April 27, 2018 | Barb Huntley
1.Look at Upkeep – When you drive through a neighborhood you will see how well the homes in the community upkeep their yards and houses. If a cookie cutter neighborhood is what you want, and you find few homes have mowed grass,  and many have overgrown shrubs and newspapers still on the front steps, that neighborhood is likely not for you.

2.Noise Pollution – How much will noise pollution influence your decision on your neighborhood? Will you be okay with hearing the sounds of a busy street or planes taking off daily? If not, choose one that is away from highways, freeways, busy roads and the airport.

3.Accessibility – Is there a need for any person in your home to live close to a hospital? There are many nice neighborhoods that are within a short distance to the hospital.

4.Schools – If you have kids you will want to consider the schools in your local community. Look at homes in locations that have schools that are acceptable to you.

5.Parks and Recreation – Do you want to have close access to parks and recreation from your home? There are many parks around the Anchorage area. Living near a park will likely boost your outdoor activities and is great when you have young kids.

6.Crime – Everyone wants to live in a safe neighborhood, but some neighborhoods are safer than others. You can look on Zillow safety ratings to learn more about any particular neighborhood you are interested in moving to. 


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