April 3, 2018 | Barb Huntley

1.    Deep Clean the Floors – Steaming your carpet when you have furniture in your house is a pain. You have to do extra work to move all your furniture and then wait for your carpet to dry before you can walk freely around your home. This is why we suggest deep cleaning your carpet before you move anything in. Have a clean start in your new home!

2.    Paint the Walls – To touch up the interior of your home before you move in, give the walls a fresh coat of paint. With no furniture to move or paintings to take down, painting before you move in will be a quick and simple solution to make your new home feel and look even newer.

3.    Unclog Dryer Ducts –
A clogged duct will reduce the efficiency of your dryer and is an extreme fire hazard. Ask your local hardware store for DIY solutions or a referral for a specialist to unclog your dryer ducts.

4.    Inspect and Unclog all Drains – Just like a dryer duct, a clogged drain makes for inefficiency in your house. Inspect all the drains in your home and use simple DIY solutions or snake to unclog all drains before you move in.

5.    Sanitize – Unless you are moving into a New Construction Home it will need to be sanitized of the prior living environment. Grab gloves, towels, cleaning products and a few helping hands and work on every room in your house. With the help of others, this should only take a day. It will be well worth your time to sanitize your new house because you will feel more comfortable knowing every surface has been wiped clean from prior residents.

6.    Exterminate any Pests – Hopefully, you have had the home inspected before the purchase. If so, you should know about any pest problems prior to moving in. If you know pests are a problem the best time to use an exterminator is before you move in. Exterminators use harsh chemicals to eliminate pests and it’s better to not be in your house while that work is being done. Also, have any holes or cracks patched up to prevent any future pests from entering. Finding cracks and holes is easier to do in an empty house.

7.    Deep Clean Window Sills – It’s not often you get around to giving your window sills a much-needed cleaning. That’s why we suggest doing it before you move in. Grab a vacuum and apply a small nozzle to all your windows sills. This will suck up any dust or bugs. Then, take a wet rag and thoroughly scrub the remaining dust away.

You will be happy to start unpacking boxes knowing your home has been thoroughly cleaned and inspected.



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