April 10, 2018 | Barb Huntley

In elementary school, you learn about the 5 senses and how they are incorporated into your everyday life. But have you ever thought about these 5 senses when trying to sell your home? When you put your home on the market this spring consider each of these senses when preparing your home and we bet it will help it sell faster!

Sight – The most obvious of the 5 senses in our everyday life, and especially when trying to sell your home. You need to make sure your home looks appealing to potential buyers. This means taking the necessary steps to clean up each room, improve the curb appeal, and work on landscaping. All of these will be immediately noticed by someone coming to see your home!

Sound – Think creaking floors, outside traffic, and loud neighbors. If you were a going to look at a home would you want to hear these things? You can improve on each of these by creating more sound barriers and tightening loose floorboards. When you have a home showing you can add soft background music to create a peaceful sounding atmosphere.

Taste – Bake something delicious for people coming to look at your home. They don’t have to eat it, but they will be tempted and appreciate the gesture. This goes hand in hand with smell.

Smell – A batch of freshly baked cookies is a hard smell to beat! It makes you feel at home, like visiting a grandma or baking with your mom. If baking isn’t your thing, make sure you eliminate any bad smells from your house. Open windows so fresh air moves through and light candles before guests come to create a delightful smell all over.

Touch – Smooth paint, soft blankets, clean countertops and furniture all contribute to the last sense, touch. From your rug to your walls, you want anything a viewer touches to be clean and smooth.
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