March 26, 2018 | Barb Huntley

Did you know we have a section of our business completely dedicated to new construction homes? We have a Facebook Page where we share daily ONLY new construction homes. For many reasons, a new construction home can be an ideal choice, so go to this page to find your next NEW home!

1) Design Your Dream Home Your Way – New construction means you get to have a voice in the design process. You can work with our builders to have the structure and layout just as you want it.

2) Choose a Floor Plan and Room Layout that Meets Your Needs – Whether it’s an open layout or more closed space, that choice will be up to you! Do you want a larger master bedroom or kitchen? That’s an easy request to make when your building from the ground up.

3) All New, Under Warranty – New materials, new appliances, new everything. If something is not working, it’s not due to extended use but most likely a flaw in the item. You’ll have everything under warranty and be able to return it when you buy a new home.

4) Energy and Cost Savings – New construction homes are built with energy and cost savings in mind. From material to the number of windows, you’ll be happy to know that your home has been built to help keep energy bills down.

5) Comfort and Indoor Air Quality – You don’t have to worry about the quality of air from a home with poor ventilation. All new air systems will be put in place.

6) Low Maintenance – Brand new materials and no prior use will make for little or no repairs.

7) Community Amenities – When you choose your lot you are also choosing your neighborhood. You can choose to live in a place with a flourishing community.

8) Advanced Technology and Design – You can guarantee a home built in 2018 was built with more advanced technology than a home in 2000, even a home in 2010! Home design is evolving and your home can have the newest trends.

9) Safety – No one has lived in your new home before, so you don’t have to worry about any previous owners still owning keys or knowing how to break in.

10) That New Home Feel – One of our favorite reasons to buy new construction homes, is the new home feel. Unscratched counters, floors, appliances, sparkling new windows, new carpet and more!


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