February 1, 2018 | Barb Huntley

Snowfall may slow down cars and walkers, but it doesn’t slow down our ability to sell properties. The Huntley Team, a Keller William’s Realtor, does NOT follow the stereotype of a slow season for real estate in the winter. Winter can be just as good as a time to sell as in the summer and we’ll give you insight on how we make that possible.
After a snowfall, winter can be one of the most visibly pleasing times of the year. A house and yard covered in a fresh layer of snow is comparable to when you put on your evening best to impress for a night out. If a home has great curb appeal in the winter, when half the curb is covered in snow, buyers can only imagine how good it will look with green grass and blossoming flowers.
It’s 2018, and a major part of home buying is down online and guess what? The internet has no seasons. Buyers can check out listings online anytime of the year, and serious buyers will be checking out listings as soon as they want to buy, no matter what season it is. We make sure your listing shines online, with the best pictures and description. We also use our social media pages to individually push your listing to sell.
If a buyer is out in the cold, looking at houses, you can be confident that they have a sense of urgency to buy a home. Whether it’s an expiring lease, job relocation, or a tax break – you know that buyer is serious about finding a new home. Because of the sense of urgency from buyers who are looking in the winter, homes can actually sell faster than those listed in the spring and summer.
So, are you debating putting your house on the market? Reach out to us and we will give you more insight on current market conditions to help you make your decision.


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