March 22, 2018 | Barb Huntley
Are you debating whether you want to move into a single or split-level home? While that decision is based purely on preference we can try to convince you why the perks of split-level homes will have you looking for available ones on the market!  

You can create more space with limited land. If you don’t have a large lot to work with, split-level homes allow you to create more space by building up. You can add levels to create more rooms for your family.

A split-level home can be more affordable because it can be built on a smaller lot but have equal square footage to a large single-story home. When you buy a home, you are not only paying for the home itself but the land it sits on. If it sits on less land, you’ll likely be paying less for a similar square footage home on more land.

You can have a bigger yard. Having space in your home with multiple levels can leave space for more land surrounding your home. If a bigger yard is important to you a multi-level home will most likely be your best option.

You have more separation of rooms, which can be great for a much-needed space for other family members.  Its normal to need alone time in your home and it can be easier to get when you have multiple floors. This increase in the levels of separation (literally) allows each resident to have more of their own space!


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