March 19, 2018 | Barb Huntley
Are you debating whether you want to move into a single or split-level home? While that decision is based purely on preference we can try to convince you why the perks will have you looking for available single level homes on the market!  

No stairs, no problem! You don’t need to ever deal with stairs. This is the perfect home for anyone with mobility issues. You don’t need to worry about traveling up and down stairs with laundry baskets or babies when you live in a single level home. You can make these homes easily wheelchair accessible by adding wide doorways and hard floors.

Temperature control is a breeze. In terms of heating and cooling, a single-family home will make it easier to control both. You won’t need to worry about rising heat creating a warm upstairs and a freezing basement. On warm summer days, it can take longer to cool down your house with two stories, but it’s much simpler with one story.

Keep it clean. Cleaning can be easier because you won’t be carrying a vacuum up and down stairs. You also will find it easier to clean all the areas of your house because they are all more visible in a one-story home.

Sellers advantage. Chances are, your single level home will be better for selling if you take good care of it. Single level homes on average sell for more per square foot.


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