February 10, 2018 | Barb Huntley
We have to be ready for all types of changes to the earth these days. Alaska has been hit harder than usual in the recent months with earthquakes. If you live in an older home it probably wasn’t built for large magnitude earthquakes. But whether your home is old or new you can always make adjustments to make it ready to withstand the next earthquake that hits.
Consider Purchasing Insurance – Alaska is susceptible to hundreds of earthquakes a month, but they are so minor that many go unnoticed. But what this tells us is that Alaska is located in a place of higher seismic activity and you should take that into consideration when buying home insurance. Earthquake coverage is not included in a typical homeowner’s insurance policy. This insurance can save your hundreds of thousands of dollars’ worth of damage that can occur if a high magnitude earthquake hits.
Add Additional Support - For extra support, it is advised to connect the frame of your house to the foundation. This prevents the house from being thrown off the foundation. This can be done with lag bolts and washers or metal plates. This requires you hire a professional to do this work.
Secure Your Furniture – No large furniture items should be left hanging or unsecure in your house. Dressers, water heaters, and large paintings should all be firmly secured to a wall. Be mindful of where you put shelves and paintings. Putting these items over a bed or couch is not an ideal place when an earthquake hits because these areas are likely to have people sitting underneath them.
Protect Your Glass – Broken glass, often an effect of a hard-hitting earthquake, is extremely dangerous to people. It can get thrown around, it’s hard to see, and causes serious injuries. But, there is a simple solution for shattered glass, shatterproof film. You only need to install shatterproof film over the glass surface so if the glass does break it will be held together by the film. Without considering earthquakes, this is a great preventive measure for glass tables and cabinets, especially if you have young children in your house.


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