January 14, 2018 | Barb Huntley

A home inspection isn’t mandatory but it is highly suggested. A home inspection will help you learn more about your new home and uncover any potential problems before you sign over the papers making the house yours. If any of these 5 items are discovered to be inefficient during your home inspection you may want to think long and hard about the costs that will occur and if buying the home is still worth it.

Roof: If the roof after inspection proves to need work done, this is red flag for your purchase. Potential issues with roofs can costs thousands of dollars. Know that and consider it in your budget before your purchase.

HVAC System: How is the heating, ventilation and air-conditioning system working?  It will be put to great use during winter in Alaska. A faulty or low efficiency HVAC system can cost you in high energy bills and even worse, require thousands of dollars to replace.

Foundation: Make sure the foundation of your home is inspected. If you find signs of water damage you have a bigger problem then you realize. If water damage is found, you can take steps to redirect the route of water flow from the house, eliminating further damage.

Structural Problems: How are the doors, windows, and walls? These structural pieces of a home are a pain to fix and the costs will add up. If you aren’t expecting to buy a fixer-upper type home make sure the structure of your home is sound during an inspection.

Mold/Insects: Be warned if mold or insects are found in your home. You will have to pay to have specialized companies come in and remove both. Mold and insects can both affect the foundation of your home so your foundation should be inspected upon finding either.

These 5 items should always be flagged during inspection. They are essential to a safe home. If you find faults in any that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t buy the house but you should know the future costs it will take to fix. You then can decide if you are willing to invest in those costs. 


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