December 18, 2018 | Barb Huntley
Foot traffic in your home will likely increase during the holiday season with friends and family visiting more often. If your home currently doesn’t have any young kids in it, you may not realize the hazardous traps waiting to be discovered by young children. We suggest going through your home and taking the following steps to child-proof before your guests come.

Remove medications and cleaning supplies from low cabinets. It’s fine in a house full of adults to have cleaning supplies and first aid kits under your sink. But, when small children are running freely in your house, that location is easily accessible for them. Make sure any chemical based cleaning supplies and all medications are moved out of reach of children who will be roaming around your home.

Place knives, pots, and heavy items out of reach. Just like cleaning supplies and medications, sharp and heavy objects should be moved away from any location that a child could reach them. If you don’t know where to store them find space in a closet for the short time your guests will be at your home.

Close doors. You likely won’t purchase a baby gate for the day you have guests over and that’s okay. Closing doors to bathrooms, offices, and basements has the same effect to prevent wandering children from exploring an area of your home they shouldn’t.

Check your furniture. Go around your house and double check the areas that guests will be hanging out in. Make sure all furniture is secure and untippable. If items such as lamps and shelves would easily to collapse, try to block off these areas so the children can’t run into them. 


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