November 5, 2018 | Barb Huntley
Have you considered all the flooring options available for your next home renovation? The flooring in your home is the foundation of your design; you can then design the rest of your home starting from the ground up. What flooring would be best for you:
Hardwood – Hardwood floors are going to be your most expensive flooring option. But the price 100% matches the quality and appearance. They are easy to clean and maintain, and most only require sweeping or vacuuming. One warning – for all those with animals, their nails can scratch the wood, so keep them groomed!
Tile – Tile is durable, resistant to scratches and water resistant. There are a huge range of tile options that vary in size and material. If you decide to go with tile, make sure to purchase extra tiles to put into storage in case you need to replace any in the future.
Laminate – Laminate is one of the hardest floors to scratch and also one of the easiest to clean. While some laminates can look cheap and fake, newer laminates tend to look identical to hardwood or tile, giving it an expensive appearance for a lower price. You have to be careful with liquid spills on laminate because liquid left unclean will ruin the material. And unlike real wood or tile, it cannot be refinished.
Carpet – The texture of carpet is the most comforting. The soft feel brings the space warmth, literally because carpet keeps a room warmer. The downside of carpet is the fabric material makes it prone to stains and it can be hard to remove all the dirt without hiring professional cleaners. Additionally, because of dirt and dust building up, carpet is not ideal for people with allergies.



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