November 30, 2018 | Barb Huntley
Less is more is a great saying to live by. But sometimes, when less means nothing, it can leave your house feeling bare and uninhabited. You don’t want to make your home feel overwhelming and cluttered because of all the stuff you have in it, but you don’t want to leave it looking bare. So, what can be done with your empty corners and walls?
Add Photos – Adding photos to any empty wall is a great way to make the space feel finished. If you have a room with empty walls you can add photos to a few of the walls. Pick a theme such as family photos, or a color scheme, or maybe even landscapes to give your room just enough decoration to not make it feel bare.
Add Shelving – An easy way to fill an empty space in your home is to add shelving. You can make it into a book shelf, a shelf with décor, or a mixture of both. Shelves can fill entire walls or be the perfect for solution for a small empty corner. The size of the shelf will depend on the amount of space you want to fill. But luckily, you probably already have contents in your house to fill the shelf with – logical for storage and decorative purposes.
Add a Rug – A rug can make an area of your home feel intimate and cozy. If you have a couch and table that look out of place and especially bare, strategically add a rug underneath to give that area of your room purpose. Without a rug, furniture can sometimes look like its floating and awkwardly placed in a room.
Add Color – An empty room can instantly feel more alive when color is added. Add color with new drapes or curtains, throw pillows, and art. Picture a bare room with dark red curtains and matching throw blankets and pillows. If those items were white on white walls, your room would feel naked. Instead, when color is added it looks like it was strategically designed to be a modern and minimal space. 


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