November 16, 2018 | Barb Huntley
Get all your deep cleaning out of the way before the holiday season begins that way you can enjoy having guests over without stressing over the state of your home.

Carpet– Give your carpet a makeover before the increase in foot traffic during the holidays. Either invest in renting a carpet steamer or hire a carpet cleaner to make your carpet look and smell like new.
Declutter– With more people going in and out of your house around the holidays you will want to have your home as clutter-free as possible. With the extra shoes, coats, and persons, your home can start to feel overwhelming crowded. We suggest going through your front entry way, living and dining room and getting rid of or storing away anything that is not in use. Store away extra shoes to make room for guests’ shoes and hang up all coats in an extra closet so you have room to hang a guest coat when they arrive.
Extra Linens– This time of the year you may have more overnight visitors as friends and family come for the holidays. To save yourself time when they arrive, wash all your extra linens including towels, sheets and pillow cases, and store them in a clean area. That way when your overnight guests arrive you know you have clean linens that they can use for their stay.
Kitchen– With all the cooking and baking that’s bound to happen around Thanksgiving and Christmas, it will be wise to give your kitchen a good scrub before it’s in high use. Go through your cupboards and pantry and throw away expired or stale food. Open up all the drawers and organize all the utensils so they are in easy to find places as well as wipe away any dust or crumbs that build up over the months. When you start preparing holiday meals you will know that you have clean surfaces and organized drawers to work with.


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