October 2, 2018 | Barb Huntley
There’s a long list of benefits of buying a new construction home but our #1 item is personalization.
If you purchase a new construction home in the early stages of construction, you will have the chance to work with the builder. This gives you the opportunity to tell them what styles and layouts best fit your needs. You will have a say in materials being used, colors to be painted, and overall design, allowing the finished product to reflect your personal preferences. Heck, you can even choose where outlets will go!
If you purchase a new construction home after construction is complete, you still will have the ability to personalize it to your own needs. Since there have been no previous owners, you will have the peace of mind knowing no appliances have been used, no floors have been worn down, no carpet needs cleaning from previous use, and so on. You’ll walk into your home and it will be like working with a blank canvas. Your design, décor and furniture will be the first to touch this home and have no influence from previous residents!
No matter what stage during building you purchase your new construction home, the home will be first used by you. There will be no wear and tear to work with, no extra maintenance to be concerned about, and no ex-residents to deal with.
Did you know we have a whole division dedicated to selling new construction homes? We have 8 builder partners that we work closely with to create and sell dream homes in Wasilla, Palmer and Anchorage. If you are interested in a new construction home give us a call and follow our Dream Build Alaska Facebook page!


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