October 12, 2018 | Barb Huntley
The temperatures are dropping at the same rates the leaves are changing colors which can only mean one thing: October is here. Before you start dreaming about Halloween and even Thanksgiving, go over our October home maintenance checklist and make sure your home is ready for the upcoming cold, holiday months.

Change Your Furnace Filter – Your furnace filter should be changed every 2-3 months depending on the size of it. If you have animals, you may need to change it more often than that because fur can get caught in the filter. A new, clean filter will ensure the air in your home is free of dust and contaminates, and work more efficiently.  

Change Your Smoke Detector Batteries – An important thing to remember to do every few months. Faulty batteries lead to faulty detectors - a liability to have in your house. Take out the batteries, figure out what kind of batteries you need to replace,  go purchase new ones and put them in place right away.

Clean Your Dryer Vents – This task is more serious than it sounds. Excess lint in your dryer vent is a fire hazard. Don’t let your next load of laundry spark a flame that puts your home in danger. A clean dryer vent also will allow for a more efficient drying cycle.

Store Yard Furniture – Put away all your patio and yard furniture before the first snow fall to save it from being damaged by the cold temperatures and wet snow. In addition to storing your outdoor furniture, make sure you drain your hose and store it away for winter. If water is left in the hose while the temperatures are below freezing, the freezing water can cause your hose to expand and crack. 


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