October 19, 2018 | Barb Huntley
Make the inside of your house be just a scenic as the outside during the cozy fall months by sprucing up your interior with fall décor.
Add gourds as a centerpiece or countertop décor. Simply go to your nearest produce store and buy fall vegetables to use as your seasonal décor. It is an easy and inexpensive way to make your home more festive for the season.
Purchase fall flowers and display them throughout your home. Maroon, orange, red and yellow flowers are abundant in flower shops this time of year. Go select flowers and add them to your kitchen, living room, and front entrance. If you don’t have vases no problem. Try using an old whiskey or wine bottle.
Increase your pillow and blanket count around your house. We have long, cold months ahead and that means you can never have enough throw pillows and blankets around your house. Place them over chairs, couches, and add a wire basket for storage, to add more comfort all around your home.
Invest in a chalkboard. Buy a cheap frame from your local craft store to match your kitchen design. Use it as a sign that you can change daily with notes, inspiration and to-do lists – whatever you are in the mood for that day!
Dress up your mantle with banners. Find fall patterns, neutral patterns, or both and let them hang over your mantel. A mantle display is one of the easiest décor items to change seasonal and is one of the most notable things in a room. Once you find banners to hang, we suggest also adding candles, gourds or flowers to the top to tie it into the décor of the rest of the room!


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