October 26, 2018 | Agent REbox
The last and most important item on your checklist before your next trip should be securing your home while you’re gone. Add a few extra minutes to your packing time and ensure the following steps are taken so you don’t worry about your home while you are away.

1. Leave a light on. If you don’t want to leave a light on the entire time you are gone, invest in a light timer that will turn on every few hours. Having a light on in your house is a way to make it look occupied. A dark house is one of the most obvious ways to show no one is home.

2. Lock up. This may be the most obvious action item, but we are reminding you because it’s the most important. Lock all your doors, windows and secure any sliding doors. This is your best defense against home intruders.

3. Tell a trusted neighbor. By telling a trusted neighbor you will be away, they can look after the upkeep of your home to make it look like no one is gone. This means asking them to collect your mail, paper and bring out your garbage and recyclables. Also, since they know you are gone, they can keep an eye out for anyone driving or stopping by your home that shouldn’t be.

4. Move valuables out of sight. Don’t tempt any strangers by living valuables in visible places from outside looking in. Store away your computers, hide any valuable jewelry or art, and keep your blinds or shades down so passersby can’t see the contents inside your home.

You’ll enjoy your time away from home much more when you are not worried about the security of your house. Take the time to make sure your house is properly locked every time you leave for a trip!


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