October 23, 2018 | Barb Huntley
Buying a home is likely one of the biggest financial decisions you will make in your life. When you make a decision of that scale, make sure you consider all the factors that will affect your happiness with your purchase.
Size– How many people will be living in the house? Do you want enough room if you add more people? Do you care about having extra space for storage and additional bedrooms? All of your answers to these questions will determine what size home you are looking for.  You can’t shrink a home once you buy it, so if you are becoming an empty nester in the near future; remind yourself of that before you buy a spacious 4-bedroom home. You can make a home bigger with additions, but if the property size doesn’t permit it than you are stuck with what you got. And, additions cost a lot of money, so think long and hard about what size home you are looking for before you buy it, so you don’t need to put any extra money into adding on in the future.
Location– Location, location, location! There is reason behind that saying. Location can make a mediocre home your forever home because your happiness with the location. When purchasing a home consider the home’s proximity to schools, work, shopping, cities, and recreation. Everyone has their own standards for what an ideal location is, make sure you know your needs and the home you choose meets your standards.
Age– Age is only a number, but if that number is high, your potential home could be in trouble. Older homes were not built to the same standards as homes are today. Building materials have greatly improved over the years. In fact, some old homes may have traces of hazardous lead in them. Older homes also are likely going to require more upkeep, which means more of your time and money being spent on this new purchase. So, take into consideration how old the home you are buying is.
Style– When you find a home that suits your style you’ll know the minute you walk into it. Don’t avoid those instant feelings of satisfaction when you are house hunting. You want a home you are happy to walk in to and excited to show to guests. Don’t compromise your style preferences, if you do, be prepared to spend more money on fixing it up to meet your style standards in the future.
Features– Features include appliances, extra rooms, upgraded or new floors, paint, carpet, windows, etc. Features are like the “cherry on top” of homes. What items are you looking for that go above and beyond your expectations? Do you want a home with all new interior, new appliances, extra storage space, and a 3-car garage? Write down what features you must have and what features would be a bonus. Keep this list in mind when you are considering your new home. At the very least, make sure your expectations are met, if not exceeded.


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