January 4, 2018 | Barb Huntley
Extra Materials
Don’t forget to ask for a leftover set of each type of tile, carpet, grout, wallpaper, brick, paint and trim for future repairs and remodeling.  After getting each, write down and save the exact manufacturer and description of the product in case you need more than the amount you have leftover. If it is not obviously marked, talk to the builder before the house is finished and make sure they give you the correct information you need.

Go over every room and hallway of your house, carefully planning where you put the outlets. If it is a place you will want to vacuum - place an outlet in that area. Step outside and take a look at your yard and garage. Are you someone that likes to hang up lights for the holidays? Make sure you have ample outlets outside your house so you are able to do this.

Houses these days have TVs everywhere. Think about every place where you might want a TV and make sure there are power and cable outlets in place. From bedrooms, living rooms to game rooms, it is better to have an extra outlet that you can cover up opposed to not being able to place a TV in the rooms you had hoped to have one.

Sound System
Think about your future sound system, which commonly includes both the traditional stereo as well as the entertainment system. Pre-wiring for speakers in the kitchen, living room, game room and even backyard is worthwhile. The speaker cables will all run from some central point where your stereo system is. From there, you need to decide where you want speakers located. Each of your remote speaker areas (like the kitchen or living room) should have its own volume control knob. This lets you crank up the music in the living room without sending the same volume to your kitchen.

Furniture Placement
From the start of the design process you should start considering cabinet and furniture placement. Will the layout in each room work? Where will couches and chairs go? How will you place the beds in your bedroom? Placement of furniture should be decided along with the placement of outlets. For many pieces of furniture, an outlet beside it is desirable. Along with furniture, also think about the sizing and placement of closets. Closets are a great storage tool and can save you space and money when they replace cabinets and wardrobes.


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