September 22, 2017 | Barb Huntley
Landlord’s responsibilities very widely due to local laws and lease terms. But they are some obligations that are standard across the board. Is your landlord staying to true to their obligations?

General Maintenance Problems
One of the best parts of renting is that you aren't responsible to fix what gets broken. From appliance maintenance to everyday lawn care, your landlord is usually in charge of keeping these in tack. All you have to do is make a call to to them to report the problem. Of course, make sure in your lease you determine what “general maintenance” is so you know what your landlord is in charge of.

Shutting Down the Party
In reality, no one likes when their party gets shut down. But out of respect to your neighbors, it is the landlord’s responsibility to establish rules about noise after a certain time at night. Because they manage the property, it falls on them if their tenants are disturbing their neighbors a few nights a week. This should also be noted in your lease.

Landlords should not leave any of their own property in the house you are renting out, unless property was included in the lease. If they are using drawers and storage closets that you need to use, it is your right to tell them you need that space and they can’t use the apartment or house for their personal storage.

Any repair needed that effects the health and safety of a tenant needs to be fixed immediately. Landlords are responsible for these prompt repairs. Anything in need of fixing that is not an imminent threat to health and safety usually has a 30 day timeline that your landlord should abide by.

We hope that all your landlord experiences are good ones. Hopefully you don't run into any problems with the negligence above but if you do it’s important to know your landlords responsibilities. Before you sign a lease to rent, make sure you go over what you expect from your landlord and what they expect from you. It’s important to agree on each other’s responsibilities and obligations.


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