September 12, 2017 | Barb Huntley
Are you ready to own your own place but not sure what the place should be? There’s a few crucial differences in owning a home or apartment and its important you know those differences so you can purchase the property that fits your best interests.
You’re Ready for a Home
•You enjoy yard work. Owning your home means you are fully responsible for your yard. You can choose to hire lawn care or do it yourself, but no one will make that choice for you.
•You enjoy being you’re own handyman. Owning a home comes with a lot of unexpected occurrences. Broken windows, running toilets, clogged drains, all of these will need immediate attention. You have to be ready to invest the time and money to upkeep your house.
•You have a big family. Homes tend to be larger than apartments. If you are looking for a property for your family of 4 of more to live in, a home will generally provide you with more space.
•You love your dogs. Because homes tend to be larger than apartments, dogs benefit from living in a home. They have more space to roam around in, won’t disrupt your apartment neighbors, and have a lawn they can easily access for bathroom needs.
You’re Ready for an Apartment
•You live alone, or with one other roommate. If you want less space to be responsible for an apartment is the way to go. Apartments provide extra security when you’re living alone. You’ll have plenty of people around you if you need help and intruders would have to get through multiple doors to your place. Also because apartments run smaller, you would have less space you need to furnish. Saving you money and stress!
•You don’t want to worry about yard work. If you don’t like mowing, shoveling or any physical labor that comes with having your land, an apartment is your best option. The apartment building will have someone responsible for upkeep of the grounds, allowing you to not every worry about shoveling snow early in the morning before you head to work. The homeowner dues would be worth it if you dread that upkeep.


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