August 11, 2017 | Barb Huntley
Home renovations and custom built homes are for the sole purpose of personalizing your home to your liking. While a customized home in theory should be different from all others, it seems there are some popular trends in home design that can’t be resisted.

Open Space
Hallways and tiny wasted rooms are becoming unnecessary and unwanted in new home design. One of the most common ways to create open space in a home is to combine the kitchen, living room and dining room all into one large space. This open concept is great for entertaining, as the guests can see and talk to each other without being separated by walls.

The Great Outdoors
People are realizing their yards can be a valuable addition to their home. Why let that square footage go to waste? To get the most out of a property, people are adding patios, sheds, fire pits, porch swings and even brick ovens for entertainment purposes.

Kitchens are following the open concept trends. A tight, cramped kitchen will always feel like there are too many cooks in it. Open kitchens allow for casual dining and comfortable cooking. As for the countertops: Quartz is in and it’s here to stay. Quartz-surfacing countertops require less upkeep than their granite counterparts and offer timeless appeal.

Go Green 
Energy star appliances are a given these days. People are finding other ways to increase the energy efficiency of their home. From water conservation features including low toilet water, to solar energy, and better windows and lightening, all of these add to significantly less daily energy use.

Office Space
There has been an increase in the number of remote workers and companies that allow employees to work from home a few days a week. This has led to the need for home office space. Offices are including large desks and clean, simple decorations to boost productivity and focus when working from home. They are being tucked away in the corner of a home for privacy and sound reasons.


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