December 14, 2017 | Barb Huntley
Living in Alaska is amazing, but if you live in a rural community it can mean you have a long commute to work. Hours of your day don’t have to be wasted during the commute. Here are 10 things you can do during your commute to be productive:

1.Prepare for the day. Go through in your mind the tasks ahead of you and how you will conquer each. Whether it’s a normal work day, an important presentation or an interview, get your mind set for the day ahead.

2.Catch up with the news. Whether you’re driving or riding along, you can listen to the radio or read the newspaper for the latest news. It’s important to be informed about the latest news in your community and in the world.  With busy schedules, you may not have time to keep up. Use your commute to do so.

3.Start a book. A book on tape is a great way to enjoy your long commute.

4.Listen to music. Music is always a good option for a long commute. Create playlists for different moods and have them ready to play as you head out.

5.Learn a new language. You can learn a new language through listening to tapes. Think if you spent one hour of each day on your commute learning a new language, how much could you learn in a month? You most likely won’t use any of your other precious time in your day to do this, so make yourself do it while stuck on your commute.

6.Set goals. Take time to think about your career, health, and self during your commute. This time is a rare time alone that allows you to reflect on those aspects of your life. Set goals for each and evaluate them occasionally on your commute.

7.Get inspired. Download Ted Talks or podcasts you’ve meaning to listen to. Inspiring stories will motivate you for a hard-working day ahead.

8.Plan your meals. Your day is long, you’re working hard, and meal planning can be difficult to keep up with. Plan your meals as your sit on your commute so you stay on track for healthy eating the rest of the day. Decide what and when you will eat.

9.Learn. You can download lectures from apps such as The Great Courses and listen in on topics that you want to learn more about.

10.Reflect. Commutes are the perfect time to reflect on where you are at in life. Are you happy? Content? Dissatisfied with parts of your life but okay with others? Reflect on each of these areas because recognizing them is the first step towards making a change. 


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