December 18, 2017 | Barb Huntley
We have five full proof ways to be ready for your guests arriving for holiday celebrations.

Clean Before – Start the cleaning process a week before your big event. Allot a certain amount of time per day to cleaning so you don’t feel overwhelmed by it. Spreading the cleaning out and starting it early will make you less stressed as the days to your party near. The day of the party should be left for food that needs to be prepared and cooked that day. I always suggest doing those tasks in the morning and running your dishwasher one final time. That way you have all the clean dishware you could need and an empty dishwasher ready to be loaded as the guests are done eating and drinking. Also, set the tables a day or two before. That way you will be able to make sure you have the plates, napkins and silverware you need. If you realize you don’t have enough you still have time to make a trip to the store.

Cook Early – Prepare any food you can ahead of time. Make pie crusts and wash and cut veggies for your salad, these can be kept in your frig for a day or two and still be fresh. Go easy on yourself and keep your food simple to make. Are you dreading cooking? It’s okay to buy premade items. Most of the time no one will know. There’s no shame in buying your favorite pie from a bakery instead of making it yourself. You’ll save yourself time and support a local business!

Delegate Tasks – Even Superwomen and Superman needed help sometimes. Don’t feel guilty for asking your close family and friends that will be coming to your party to pitch in. Asking them to prepare a side dish, bring a drink, or make a dessert will mean one less thing for you to worry about. If they offer to help you clean while at the party take them up on your offer. Preparing for a holiday party can be stressful enough, not to mention cleaning up after one.

Get in the Spirit(s) – Nothing says holiday cheer like holiday drinks. You deserve to treat yourself while you prepare for your guests. Don’t be afraid to pour yourself a glass of your favorite wine and have the holiday music playing while you clean. We guarantee it will make the preparation process more enjoyable.

Enjoy Yourself- Last and most importantly, enjoy yourself in the process of party planning and hosting. If you aren’t enjoying it, don’t make yourself be a host again. Its’ the season of holiday cheer and if you don’t enjoy hosting you could turn yourself into a Grinch. Ask for help, get in the spirit, and make the process fun and a party you will look forward to. 


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