December 6, 2017 | Barb Huntley
If you live in Anchorage you are aware of the award-winning trail systems in and around the city. Enthusiasts of biking, running, hiking, roller blading, dog walking, and more can all reap the benefits of the many trails Anchorage offers. To prove how large the Anchorage trail system is we will give you a glimpse into the miles it spans:

Paved bike trails/multi-use trails:  120 miles/195 kms                                  
Plowed winter walkways:  130 miles/216 kms
Maintained ski trails: 105 miles/175 kms
Dog mushing trails:  36 miles/60 kms
Summer non-paved hiking trails: 87 miles/145 kms    
Lighted ski trails: 24 miles/40 kms
Skijoring trails: 66 kms/41 miles
Equestrian trails: 6 miles/10 kms

So why are we bragging about the trail system? Well with the hundreds of miles of trails its likely you will be able to find a home near one. And you should know how this affects the value of your home.

The short answer: living near a trail increases your home’s value. In past studies in different cities, trail systems have increased the quality of life in the neighborhood they are near, residents feel it makes their home easier to sell and they are able to sell it at a higher price than if they weren’t by a trail. Also, trail systems have little to no effect on safety. Of course, these findings are relative to what neighborhood you are in living in and should be considered for each specific location. That being said, if you find a home you like by a trail we say buy! You will be only steps away from your next outdoor adventure. 


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