November 3, 2017 | Barb Huntley

Fact: Houses sell at all times of the year. So, there is no reason why you can’t sell your house in the fall. It’s time to utilize the fall season and sell your home before the last leaves fall.

Here’s why you should sell this fall:

Buyers are serious. While fall open houses may have less foot traffic than those in the spring, the people that are there tend to be the serious buyers. There’s something about the leaves and weather changing that makes people ready for a fresh start. And, a new home is just that!

You can leverage seasonal décor. A cozy fireplace, warm colors, and simple seasonal decorations can highlight your homes “homey” atmosphere on a cold day. You can leverage fall colors, decorations, and holidays to make your home look appealing to future buyers.

Time is of the essence. While many may assume people have more time and energy to buy in the summer, they are forgetting  about all the extra activities people plan in the summer months. When fall comes, vacations have winded down, people are back in their routine, and they are finding they may have more idle time while the temperature is dropping. November can be a great time to catch people wanting to move before the new year so they can spend the holidays in a new house.

Few options for buyers means more options for you. Fall is not the most popular time of year to sell, therefore there will be fewer options for buyers. With fewer options, buyers will be giving extra thought to every house they see. Make sure your house is in tip-top shape, ready to show because when a buyer likes what they see they will act fast knowing the options are few.

If you’re ready to sell this fall contact us and we can help you get your house sold!


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