November 27, 2017 | Barb Huntley
Is your home no longer fulfilling your needs? Is it too big after your kids moved out? Too small after new babies have arrived? Maybe the neighborhood has changed in a way that you don’t like? Deciding on whether you should improve your current home with renovations or to pack up and move to the home that fits your needs is a difficult decision. To answer the question whether you will move or improve, consider the financial, practical and emotional effects of the decision.
Financially, a move or a remodel is a decision that varies depending on what you need. If your house is bigger than what you need, selling and moving is likely a good financial decision. If you are looking for something bigger, considering a remodel or a move should be decided after research on contracting quotes and materials. A remodel budget can get blown up when not all costs are considered. How long would you like to stay in your home? Is the remodel worth the investment if you end up paying to move in the next couple years anyways?

At the end of the day, you need to think practically about your decision to move or remodel. If it’s the neighborhood that you are unhappy with or your current home’s payments are stretching your bank account thin, moving is your answer. You can’t change your neighbors, your location or your costs with a remodel. If you feel like you don’t have enough rooms, or the rooms you have feel cramped, consider a remodel focusing on a different layout. Open up rooms by taking down walls, or create rooms by putting up walls. If, after considering a layout change doesn’t solve your space needs, practically speaking, a move is the option that will solve your space needs.

A move or a remodel decision has unavoidable emotional aspects. It is hard to move away from a home you’ve created loving memories in. If you have close relationships with your neighbors and the surrounding community, it’s hard to walk away from that living environment. When you’re looking at a new home, it’s difficult to get to know the neighbors and community until you’re actually living in your new home. If your emotional ties are strong enough that a large part of your everyday happiness comes from your home and your community, a remodel may be your answer. Look to find a contractor to make the improvements in your home needed to make you just as happy with your home as you are with your neighbors and community. 


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