November 20, 2017 | Barb Huntley
Your yard feels too small. Do you remember moving into your home and being excited about your new place, the space, and the potential of the yard? Do you now find yourself feeling like you don’t have enough outdoor space between you and your neighbors? Unfortunately, you can’t build a bigger yard. If you are looking for more land around your house, your only option may be to move.

You increasingly find faults in your neighborhood. Suddenly the busy street, loud neighbors, or location isn’t bearable anymore. You can’t fix those things without moving.

You are sick of commuting. If you are happy with your job and can see yourself staying with it for years to come, but you find yourself increasingly dreading the daily commute, it could be time to look for homes closer to your work. A long commute can take a toll on the quality of your day. If it’s something you are doing 5 days a week year after year, well even the most patient person will get fed up with it!

Your home improvement list is piling up. Some properties require a lot of upkeep to keep them in a condition you are happy with. If weekly upkeep is only the baseline and you have more improvements you are constantly making or thinking about making, it’s time to take your home into consideration. Will the improvements you plan on making make you satisfied with your home? Or, will you still see the faults that need to be fixed. If not, it’s time to find a home with fewer improvements needed to make you happy.

Your family is growing and your home is shrinking. No, your home isn’t actually getting smaller, but it will feel that way as you add more people living under the roof. As your family grows and kids get older, wanting more space is inevitable. If you are getting sick of bathroom queues and listening to your kids bicker about sharing rooms it may be time to start looking for larger homes.


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