November 16, 2017 | Barb Huntley
Let’s be honest, November can be pretty grey, dark and ugly transition month. But instead of sulking about it, think to improve parts of your home before the party-filled, hosting holiday season arrives at the end of the month!

Clear Dead Leaves
Did you now that leaving the dead leaves on the ground kills the grass underneath? With all the snow soon to be piling up, give your grass a chance next spring by raking up the dead leaves now! If you can’t get yourself to rake, we suggest mulching your leaves. They can stay where they lay so all you need to do is run your mower over them. By letting the pieces lay there and decompose you will nourish your lawn all winter.

Get Your Chimney and Fireplace Ready
Cold weather calls for lighting up the fireplace. If you haven’t’ done so already, clear out your chimney and fireplace to get it ready for extra cozy warmth and Santa’s arrival.  Before you get the logs lit, make sure the flue, damper, and firebox have received thorough seasonal maintenance. A buildup of creosote can lead to a very dangerous chimney fire. Make you’re your chimney caps are properly in place to keep wildlife out all winter

Do Some Extra Cleaning 
The upcoming holiday season can mean a lot more guests coming and going. To save yourself time before the arrival of guests, clean all of your extra silverware, china, and glasses now. They can build up dust on the shelves where they sit unused. No one likes to see dust floating in their champagne!

Snow Ready
Have your snow gear ready to go now so you are prepared for the first major snow fall this winter. We aren’t just talking about your boots, gloves, and jackets, we mean the bigger items such as snow blowers and shovels. Are they out of storage and ready for immediate use? Do you have a shoveling service lined up for the snowy season? Getting these items in order now will save you the headache of figuring out what to do when the snow starts piling up.


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