November 13, 2017 | Barb Huntley
All it takes is peeking into a crowded coffee shop or a stroll down a busy to street to realize the importance social media plays in our everyday lives. During those short walks if you are looking around, you will most likely find more than half of the people on their phones. If you miss it, its most likely because you are on your own phone. The irony. Today, people use their phones to read the news, contact others, interact on social media, and find information. Therefore, if you want to successfully market your home for sale, you’ve got to do it in a way that will reach people and that’s where social media comes in to play.

Social media for real estate builds your network, increases your reputability, and diversifies your marketing efforts. At Barb Huntley Alaska, we do just that. We leverage our social media accounts to successfully market your home for sale.

Facebook – The most popular social platform of them all. We dedicate much of our social media marketing developing content-rich Facebook posts. We can create digital fliers and videos to post to our page, where hundreds of followers can see your listing. We launch ads and campaigns to engage followers and advertise your home to interested consumers.

Instagram - An image-heavy platform, this is where we attract Millennials and use sharp, bright imagery to build “photo memory” connections with our audience. Once of the highest ROI platforms next to Facebook, we use ads, marketing campaigns, giveaways and more to grow our network and make sure your listing is in front of the correct audience.

Twitter – A platform to gather news and stay informed. We use this to post your home, including pictures, address, and any details that we think will grab a reader’s attention. All it takes is one click on a tweet to get someone interested in your home, and motivated to learn more about what it has to offer. 


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