October 4, 2017 | Barb Huntley

Seasons are changing, leafs are changing so maybe it is time for another change. Are you ready for a new home? That could be the change you are looking for. And guess what? Fall is a  good time of year to make that change! Here’s why:
Less Competition
Like summer cabins, the real estate market clears out when the weather turns cooler. Most summer buyers have already found a house which clears out the competition while you’re on the house hunt. Expect full attention from sellers and your agent when their are less people looking to move this time of year.
Sellers Want To Move
Sellers this time of the year are motivated to sell before the holidays. For a buyer this is a plus, motivated Fall sellers have contributed to the average price of homes being lower during this time of year vs the summer months.

Tax Perks
Did you know that you can get tax deductions from closing costs, property taxes and mortgage interests? With the year-end right around the corner, buying a home now will be a bonus for you come April 15th.
Season of Sales
Back-to-school, Thanksgiving, and Christmas sales all happen around the autumn months. This is a great time to buy appliances and furniture for your home at a discounted price. What’s a better way to furnish your home than when all your favorite stores are having sales?!


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