October 19, 2017 | Barb Huntley
Deciding between a single versus multiple level home depends mostly on your preference. If you are selecting between two homes with the same square footage but they have different number of levels it’s important to consider what your needs are.
Single Level
The beauty of a single level home is in the eye of beholder. Single level homes tend to have a more “open concept” space. You won’t have any wasted space on staircases or landings and it will be easy for older adults, young children or those handicapped to get around. The downsides include smaller yards because the square footage of your one level home can take away from yard space. Also, you will have less private space if your home is an open layout. Single level homes usually have great big open living/dining rooms that are great for hosting guests.
Multiple Level
Multiple levels are great for someone who wants a lot of different rooms in their home. You can separate your offices, bedrooms, living area, play areas, and laundry by separate floors. But sound can travel through the walls in any home, and it’s especially noticeable in multiple level homes. If your bedroom sits over the living room you may here a family member watching a TV show late into the night. Also, moving and renovating can be a hassle with staircases. It’s not too easy to get a king size bed up a stair case. :) 


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