October 16, 2017 | Barb Huntley

Cool weather is upon us and it’s time to get your home winter ready. Here are a few home maintenance tasks you should do before the long winter ahead of us.
Fireplace Tune Up
Before you light up the first fire of fall, it’s a good idea to have your fireplace and chimney inspected. Hire a professional to check that it’s safe for use this fall and winter. It is hard to see the buildup on your own at the top of the chimney; that is why a professional is needed.
Speaking of fireplaces, don’t forget to store firewood away for winter. Store your wood away from the exterior of your home and make sure to cut or purchase wood that is the appropriate size to fit in your fireplace.
Change Your Furnace Filter
Did you know you should check and replace the air filters on your HVAC system every 3 months? It allows it to run more efficiently, keeps the air cleaner, and makes your system safer.
Inspect the Heating Systems
Not only should you change the filter, but you should also have your HVAC system inspected this fall. Before constant use during the winter months it’s important to make sure it is running smoothly. We suggested having a licensed professional check it out. They will clean out the blower and motor, check the safety controls, and test the burners and switches. It may seem tedious but it will make your system more efficient and safer.
Clean Your Gutters
Clogged and overflowing gutters can damage the foundation of your home. Luckily, they are easy to clean. Grab a ladder and heavy-duty gloves and clean out the debris in the gutters. Once you’ve cleaned out all the debris by scoping it out, use your hose to rinse out the gutter and unclog the downspouts.


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