October 24, 2017 | Barb Huntley
Dear seller, are you doing any of these things? If so, you may be driving your real estate agent crazy!
Keeping a Dirty House
When your home is on the market it needs to be ready at a moment’s notice for a showing. Sellers that can’t seem to keep their house clean while it’s on the market drive agents’ crazy. Agents miss opportunities to show your house to potential buyers because of the mess that it is in. If you know you have a showing or open house coming up, make sure to have it cleaned! A buyer will be extremely turned off by a messy home and possibly start to question the upkeep of the overall home.
Lingering During Open Houses
You’ve hired a real estate agent for a reason – let them do the selling! When you are lingering at an open house it can make potential buyers uncomfortable. You want these buyers to feel free to open doors, roam around, making critiquing comments, and ask questions without the home owners in the house making them feel as if they are intruding.
Your Emotional Attachment Gets in the Way of Facts
It’s understandable to have an emotional attachment to the home you’ve lived in. But, this is why you should hire a real estate agent. Your emotional attachment can lead you to misjudge the value of the home. A real estate agent will have a subjective view of your home, which will help them better accurately access the value of it. Accurate pricing of your home can increase inquiries, showings, and offers.  
Shooting the Messenger
Honesty is the best policy, right? So, when you eagerly ask your agent for the feedback they got from potential buyers and it comes back negative, don’t take it out on your agent. It may hurt to hear the negative things people are saying about your home but it isn’t your agents fault. You should take these comments and view them as constructive criticism, don’t take them personally. Is there anything that you can easily improve on?  A messy home? Unkempt yard? Those items are easily fixable at no cost!


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