October 10, 2017 | Barb Huntley

Are you pouring money into home improvement in hopes to get a return on your investment in the form of a higher home sale value? Well think carefully about what home improvements you invest your money into. The following 4 improvements don’t add any value to your home price.
Swimming Pools. Alaskans don’t really have to worry about this. You’ve got to be a little crazy to add an outdoor pool to your property in Alaska. But this also extends to indoor pools. Swimming pools are hit or miss for potential buyers. They can turn away interested buyers because of the upkeep, extra expenses and safety issues with young families.
High-end Upgrades. While you might think they increase the value of their home, it’s not necessarily true. The amount of money you spend on top-of-the-line appliances in your kitchen, rare marble countertops or imported tiles for your bathroom may do little to increase a home's price. You usually won’t get your return on investment for the high-end products you buy because buyers don’t always understand the cost that was put into them – making them not willing to pay the price you need to cover these costs. Also, if you invest in a high-end kitchen but the rest of your house is subpar, this will actually detract from the value of your home.
Basic Improvements. It’s always a good idea to invest in new paint and carpet for the sake of your own happiness and wellbeing in your home. But if you think these will add significant value to your home you’re wrong. Buyers these days expect these to be in good condition-- unless the home is labeled “fixer-upper”.
Fancy Landscaping. As a homeowner, you may be proud of the time and money you spend on your swanky looking yard. But potential buyers won’t have the same connection to it. A beautiful yard may get buyers to look more closely at your home, but it won’t increase the value of your home. Also, not all buyers are looking to master their green thumb. Buying a home with extensive landscaping means they will have to figure out how to upkeep it or remodel it themselves so it’s easier to maintain.
If you want to make these improvements for yourself and your family to enjoy, by all means go for it. They will be worth it if you feel like they add value to your own living. But if you are doing them to increase the resell value of your own home, think again. 


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